Amniotic Membrane Skin Substitute
for Outpatient Wound Care

Treat Your Patients with the Advantage of Natural Tissue Engineering®

WoundFix™ is a FastActing® dehydrated amniotic membrane skin substitute.

Complete viable BioECM® preserved by the HydraTek® process provides all the native placental components the human body needs for its natural ability to support correct tissue formation.

  • Amnion-only membrane
  • Thin & versatile
  • Room temperature storage
  • Ultra FastActing®e
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The HydraTek® Advantage

WoundFix™ Highlights

0 %

Closure achieved at 12 weeks

1.5 sq. cm

Average Diabetic
Ulcer Size

7.4 sq. cm

Average Wound Size Closed with WoundFix™

List of Wounds We Treat

  • Diabetic Wounds
  • Ulcers
  • Veins Ulcers
  • nonhealing or infected surgical or traumatic wounds
  • venous ulcers
  • pressure ulcers
  • diabetic foot ulcers
  • ischemic ulcers
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  • WF001
  • WF004
  • WF008
  • WF016
  • WF024
  • WF032
  • WF064
  • WF081


  • 1×1 cm
  • 4 sq cm
  • 8 sq cm
  • 16 sq cm
  • 24 sq cm
  • 32 sq cm
  • 64 sq cm
  • 81 sq cm


  • WF096
  • WF128
  • WF160
  • WF192
  • WF243
  • WF324
  • WF405
  • WF486


  • 96 sq cm
  • 128 sq cm
  • 160 sq cm
  • 192 sq cm
  • 243 sq cm
  • 324 sq cm
  • 405 sq cm
  • 486 sq cm



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Reach out today by calling or filling out our HIPPA-compliant form found at the header and footer of our website. We look forward to solving your wound care challenges together. 

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Yes, Regional Healthcare Group’s mobile wound service won’t interfere with those services.

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Regional Healthcare Group treats our patients in whatever environment they call home.  We come to your home, assisted living, or skilled nursing facility for your treatments one day a week.

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If the dressing gets soiled after 72 hours then the amniotic graft is already incorporated into the wound and you simply need to cleanse the wound and change the dressing.  If it is soiled before 72 hours then you will need to contact your practitioner and decide if an additional graft needs to be applied before your next scheduled visit.


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We believe that our product can make a significant difference in patient outcomes, and we are eager to work with healthcare carriers to bring this solution to their patients. We invite you to download our resources bellow and fill out our form to learn more about how Impax™ can transform the way you approach patient care.

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