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Assisted Living/Skilled Nursing

We present Assisted Living Facilities with a comprehensive, ready-to-implement wound care solution. We can begin identifying and accepting referrals immediately. Our all-inclusive service encompasses insurance verification, prior authorization, billing, patient care, and diligent follow-up. Seamlessly administered by our proficient team. We take on the laborious tasks and alleviate your staff's workload while overseeing the entire billing process for the spectrum of treatments offered to your patients. We are backed by a national team boasting more than four decades of experience in wound care. We stand prepared to collaboratively manage your patients, delivering the specialized attention essential for all chronic wounds.

  • Amnion-only membrane
  • Thin & versatile
  • Room temperature storage
  • Ultra FastActing®e
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Available solutions



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If you are treating a patient that you think is a candidate for treatment, please reach out to your patient, and if they are interested you can submit their face sheet/demographics, insurance information, as well as wound information.  We will verify coverage and reach out to you and the patient once eligibility is determined. 

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Absolutely!  Our practitioners will email/fax you weekly updates as well as if they identify any potential medical issues.

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-We take great pride in being team players and doing what is best for the patient.  Therefore, we always want everyone within the care team to be on the same page and remain updated regarding the progress with their patient.

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Regional Healthcare Group treats our patients in whatever environment they call home.  We come to your home, assisted living, or skilled nursing facility for your treatments one day a week.

Unlock the Potential of impax™

We believe that our product can make a significant difference in patient outcomes, and we are eager to work with healthcare carriers to bring this solution to their patients. We invite you to download our resources bellow and fill out our form to learn more about how Impax™ can transform the way you approach patient care.

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